Blonde Voyage Lighteners

Part of the Moroccanoil Professional Haircolor Collection, NEW Blonde Voyage Lighteners are one of the many offerings we’re rolling out to make the salon experience even better. Read on to find out more.

What are lighteners?

A lightener is a product that hairstylists use to lighten hair to the desired level. Essentially, they work by lifting the cuticle of the hair to penetrate the cortex and neutralize the pigment within. Lighteners come in different forms—usually powders, creams, or clays—and generally serve different purposes. For instance, one lightener may be better for all-over color, while another may work best for highlights or balayage. For this reason, among any others, you should not attempt to use lighteners at home. A professional hairstylist knows how to properly mix and apply a lightener to ensure you achieve your desired results. (Not to mention avoid irreparable damage to your hair).

Moroccanoil Blonde Voyage Powder and Clay lighteners, part of the Moroccanoil Color Collection

What makes Moroccanoil lighteners different?

Moroccanoil Blonde Voyage Lighteners are designed to protect and nourish the hair while providing controlled and reliable lift to achieve each client’s ideal blonde.

The Blonde Voyage portfolio contains both a Powder Lightener, an all-purpose lightener for on and off-scalp application, and as a Clay Lightener, ideal for freehand techniques and precision application.

How do Moroccanoil Blonde Voyage Lighteners help protect hair during the color process?

Both the Powder Lightener and Clay Lightener are created with our proprietary BondCare + ArganID® System, which helps maintain the integrity of the hair during the lightening process. First, it helps protect bonds to help reduce damage and breakage. Then, the microencapsulated argan oil-based technology infuses antioxidant-rich oil deep into the cortex of the hair for added shine and conditioning benefits.

The full Moroccanol Color Collection, including Blonde Voyage Lighteners

How can I try Blonde Voyage Lighteners?

Morccanoil Color Blonde Voyage Lighteners will be available during color services at select fine salons nationwide beginning in March 2022. Use our Salon Locator to find a salon near you.

What else is part of the Moroccanoil Color Collection?

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