How to Start a Fitness Routine

Happy National Fitness Day! This healthy holiday, created in 2017, is a day “to celebrate strength and empowerment through fitness.” It’s also a good excuse to check in on your workout routine. If you’re having trouble starting or sticking to a routine, don’t sweat it! Read on for six ways to make regular workouts a breeze.

1) Set doable goals

If you’ve never picked up a tennis racquet, don’t plan on becoming Serena Williams overnight. Setting and achieving realistic goals will give you a boost of confidence, making it easier to stick to the workout habit. So maybe instead of training for a marathon, you set your sights on a 5k. Or instead of saying you’ll go to yoga every day, commit to trying one new studio a week until you find one you love. 

2) Buy cute workout clothes…

Sounds simple, but it works! If you have workout clothes you want to leave the house in, it makes hitting that pilates class a little less daunting. Pro tip: stash some dry shampoo in your bag, so you look just as good after class.

3) …and sleep in them

When you wake up, you’re ready to work out! Trust us, it makes it much easier to get out of bed when that early morning alarm rings. Keep your sneakers by your bed and your gym bag by the door, and it’ll almost be harder not to go to the gym.

4) Get a workout buddy

Sign up for a class with a friend, or set a weekly gym-and-brunch date. You can even ask your coworkers if anyone’s interested in trying workout classes near the office. It adds accountability and makes working out more fun.

5) Find a favorite podcast

30 minutes on the treadmill passes more quickly when you’re listening to a reality TV recap or true crime podcast, and catching the latest episode gives you extra motivation to hit the gym.

6) Get a dog

Obviously, there’s a lot to consider before adopting a dog. One big benefit? A dog is basically an adorable, four-legged trainer. You’ll never miss a workout (read: brisk walk around the block) again!

7) Give yourself permission to take a day off

Movement should be fun. The easiest way to turn it into something you dread is to force yourself to do it when you really, really don’t want to. Our favorite trick? Ask yourself how you’ll feel once your workout is over. If the answer is “happy that I pushed through”, head to the gym. But if it’s “even more tired/sore/depleted/ burned out than I feel right now”, give yourself permission to take some downtime. The treadmill will be there tomorrow, after all.