All is Well: Tone House Head Coach
Alexis Dreiss

Welcome to All is Well, a new blog series that explores how modern women stay well. Today we’re talking to Alexis Dreiss, a NASM certified personal trainer and Head Coach at Tone House. We recently partnered with Tone House to celebrate International Women’s Day with #THLadiesNight, which included pre-class dry styling from Moroccanoil stylists. 


What’s your favorite form of exercise and why?
My favorite form of exercise would have to be strength training. It is so form based, especially Olympic lifting. I grew up dancing, so I usually gravitate toward anything that is specific and tests my boundaries.

What does an average week of exercise look like for you?
I usually train 5-6 days a week. That consists of 3 days of Tone House class, 3 days of lifting, 1 ballet class, and usually a hot yoga thrown in here and there, and Tuesdays I train with my boxing trainer at Gleason’s.

How do you deal with exercise boredom?
Honestly, I don’t think I can get bored. If you are struggling with boredom at the gym try to spice it up. Try out a HIIT class or ask a friend to come with you to the gym. Do something that will keep you motivated and active, so that you don’t allow that wall to hit. Once that happens you can be at the gym for three hours and realize that you’ve done two things and have been trolling the internet the rest of the time.

What’s a form of exercise most people can benefit from doing more of?
This is me looking at my ladies and saying it is more than OKAY to lift heavy weight. Squat, bench press, do all of the things that are misconstrued on “making you bulky” because they don’t. They only allow you to perform better, be faster, and become that much stronger. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t be happier being a strong woman who lifts heavy things and knows she can handle herself in any situation.


What do you eat on an average day?
My average morning consists of oatmeal with almond butter and either berries or a banana. Midday I need a pick me up which will usually be a piece of fruit, an RX bar, or an OWYN Protein shake. Lunch and dinner are pretty similar—I usually stick to either salmon or chicken as my protein and either a salad or something else green, plus either sweet potatoes or brown rice. But I always end my night with a piece of dark chocolate, I can’t live without it.

Have you ever made a dietary change that had a significant impact on the way you feel? If so, what?
I try to stay on track and eat this way because this is what fuels me the best, I feel better, my work is better, even my skin thanks me for it. Do we all fall of track here and there yes, but we are human and sometimes we need to grab something in a hurry or sometimes we really just want a donut. I like to live by intuitive eating, sometimes your body craves something so don’t restrict yourself from the things you love, just do it in moderation.

What’s a food you’ll never give up?
Donuts and pizza, I’m slightly lactose intolerant but I will take the pain for the pizza!


How do you maintain your mental well-being?
I write almost every day. If I put my thoughts to paper, they no longer feel so scattered. I can sort out my dilemmas a bit better when I can see them in front of me. No, it’s not perfect and sometimes you just need to talk to a friend or even take out your frustrations at the gym. I find that my weekly training session at Gleason’s the most therapeutic. Having a target and being able to release on that target is truly freeing.

What does your ideal morning and/or evening routine look like?
My morning I always start with a devotional, so that I have an idea of how to approach my day with love and understanding. Then by night I unleash all my thoughts on to paper so that I don’t bring it with me to bed. I constantly overthink things, so this is a big one. If I don’t do it I won’t sleep.

How do you cope with stress and feelings of burnout?
I used to be notorious for overtraining and overbooking myself. I’d have legitimate breakdowns and not understand why it was happening. Finally, I spoke to my dad about it and he said “I wonder why? You did A, B, C and D and you need about 27 hours for all of those things and you did it in 8. Slow your roll.” I thought about it and I realized I can’t always be Wonder Woman, I am a human and I need rest. So yes I still have days where I simply do too much, but I realized I need to do some things for me, too—whether it’s a pedicure, infrared sauna session, or acupuncture. That will be the only thing I do for the day, no exercise just a little TLC and reset.


What is one wellness practice you wish you did more of?
More recovery! Sometimes on the days I take class I don’t have time to stretch because I’m coming out of my own class and jumping in to the next one. Which also means, that after the class is done I’m back on so I’m not rolling out immediately after. It’s a tough balance, but I’m trying to stick to more of a better routine of taking it care of myself and stretching and foam rolling when I get home.

How do you stay committed to your routine?
The only way I can stay committed is with the right amount of rest. If I don’t get enough sleep or a nap, it will not happen or it will but it won’t be A+ work.

What does your average day look like?
I will give you an average Tuesday which starts later than most days for me, but is pretty hefty. I wake up around 7 AM, read my devotional once I wake up. Get all of my life together pack my bag, eat breakfast, cook for the day and feed my two cats (Conan and Fluffy). I head down to Gleason’s for a 10AM training session with Scott for an hour, shower head into Manhattan to my vocal lesson from 1-2:30. After, I head over to work teach from 3:30-8:30 at Tone House. Head home and get in around 9:15 and I try to get everything out of my bag, decompress for a little; usually I’ll put my feet in an ice bath after being on my feet all day. Shower, write, and head to bed by 10:30/11. It’s a lot and sometimes I’ll even take an early morning class at work and head home to nap on those days, but it all depends on how I feel the night before, if I know my body can handle it.