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If you’ve opened Instagram in the past two months, there’s a good chance at least one panoramic view of the Italian coast has featured prominently on your timeline. From the romantic cliffside architecture of Positano to the sweeping vistas of Cinque Terre, the Italian geography and culture is undeniably the sort that begs to be explored, absorbed and photographed. The only problem with this bevy of beautiful spots? It can be hard to decide which ones to include on a vacation itinerary. So, if you’re planning your own Italian getaway, we’re here to help—by officially casting a vote for Capri. Read on for blogger Rachel Puccetti’s top tips for making the most of your visit to this once-in-a-lifetime destination. 

Ciao, from Italy! For the past few weeks I have been enjoying an Italian summer, traveling throughout Rome and along the Amalfi Coast, with more ‘pinch me’ moments than I can count. It’s true what they say about Italy…it really is “la dolce vita”. I have been living the good life here and I wanted to share a few travel tips that will hopefully make your trip to Capri as magical as mine!

Take a boat tour. We went on a boat tour that took us to all of the grottoes around Capri, and it was my absolute favorite thing we did the entire trip! We even got to stop and swim. The boat was so picturesque for a day out on the Mediterranean, and I have never seen water so blue! We used Ciro Capri Boats and took a 2-hour private tour, but I easily could’ve spent the entire day out there. I am happiest on the water!

Enjoy the lemons. You won’t even believe how big the lemons are in Capri; it truly is land of the lemons! Go to Limoncello di Capri for a limoncello slushy made inside of a lemon! Eat at Ristorante D’Amore, and get the lemon pasta. It was without a doubt some of the best pasta I’ve ever had. Get a scoop or two of lemon gelato!

Blogger in Capri, We Wore What bathing suit

Go to the ceramic shops. You will see pretty ceramic shops scattered all across the Amalfi Coast, and they have the most beautiful hand-painted ceramics! Many of them even offer to ship your purchases back home. Even if you purchase something small, it’s such a fun memento to bring back and use in your home!

• Go to Capri city center and Anacapri. They have a funicular that takes you up through the mountain to get to the Capri city center or Anacapri. Both have even more shopping, designer boutiques, restaurants and incredible panoramic views! The ride is only a few minutes long, and it’s about 2 euros each way.

Blogger in Capri with ceramic tile

• Stay at Relais MarescaThis is the hotel we stayed at, and it was absolutely wonderful! The service was amazing, and the hotel was beautiful and covered in blue and white tiles throughout. We stayed in the Attic Room and had our own private terrace with lounge beds, outdoor shower, and the most breathtaking panoramic views of Capri and the ocean. It was one of the most magical experiences of all my travels!

• Dress for the weather. It was very hot and humid while we were there! I highly recommend lightweight, easy-breezy clothing and a lot of dresses! Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes or sandals. A sun hat is a great option for long days out exploring, and maybe even keep a little handheld fan on hand! Bring a crossbody or hands-free bag to keep your hands free for shopping, and gelato!

Dress in Capri, Italy

• Ferry to Positano or Amalfi. Take the ferry to Positano or Amalfi for the day, or to get to your next destination! They run throughout the day, and I highly recommend the high-speed ferry. Kick back and relax, and enjoy the ocean breeze!

• Be prepared for crowds. The mornings and evenings are the quietest, and the weather is nice and cool, too! There are a lot of day-trip boat tours that come to Capri during the day, so there will be a large influx of people during that time. If you want photos without many people in the background, head out in the morning while it’s nice and quiet! The evenings are so beautiful and quiet in Capri as the sun goes down and you can see the boats out on the water at night.

Summer view of Capri, Italy

• Go to L’Approdo. This restaurant was along the strip by the main marina. Garlic pasta is one of my all-time favorite dishes, and theirs was so, so delicious! They also do take-away pizza, so one night we went and got a few to take back to our hotel and eat on our terrace and enjoy the view!

• Relax and soak it in. Life along the Amalfi Coast truly is “la dolce vita”. Sometimes having no plans other than sitting and watching the boats come and go, while enjoying your second gelato of the day is the best kind of day! Soak in every second while you’re there.

I hope you all find yourself in Capri at some point in time; it is a true slice of heaven! During your travels, I hope you find these tips helpful, and enjoy a limoncello slushy for me! Thank you for reading!

Blogger Rachel Puccetti in Capri, Italy

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