Veronica Beard + Veronica Beard on:
Inspiration and Balance

In addition to sharing a name, sisters-in-law Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard share an eponymous fashion brand (which happens to be one of our favorites). Read on to find out how they stay inspired, maintain balance and more.

Did you always want to start a fashion brand?

We both always loved fashion and talked endlessly about our ideas and ways to fill the void in women’s wardrobes.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the brand. How did it start, and how has it evolved since then?

It all started with the Dickey Jacket, which was inspired by our husbands’ suits. It’s the perfect piece to take women from day to evening and to help them feel glamorous and confident in their busy lives.

What inspires you?

Women and moms everywhere, and their ability to balance work, family and their passions.

How do you move past creative blocks?

We always bounce ideas off each other—it keeps our creative juices flowing.

What does your typical morning look like?

Every morning is totally different, but we always make time to have breakfast with our families.

What’s your top tip for maintaining work-life balance?

Be present wherever you are, whether it’s with your kids at home or in a meeting at work. And put your phone down!

What’s your favorite vacation destination?

VMB: Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes

VSB: London

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

Have patience and never burn bridges.

What are three pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe?

A Dickey Jacket, jeans and a great pair of leopard heels!