Celebrating National Rescue Dog Day

Happy National Rescue Dog Day! We’ll be the first to admit that there seem to be more and more nationally designated “days” each year, but this is one we’re more than happy to celebrate. It’s certainly a cause worthy of attention: according to the ASPCA, over 3 million dogs enter shelters each year, all of them desperately in need and deserving of a forever home to call their own.

It’s also a cause that has always been close to our hearts. We’ve proudly helped sponsor The Humane Society’s New York gala for the last few years, and The Sato Project, which rescues dogs from Puerto Rico, was one of the first organizations we worked with as part of the Inspired by Women campaign. If you’re inclined to do some celebrating of your own, we recommend making a donation to one of these incredible organizations—or even looking into volunteering at your local shelter. You can also keep scrolling to meet a few of the rescue pups that are part of the Moroccanoil family!


Owner: Lisa, Executive Assistant

About Piper: “Piper was born in Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria. When she was four months old, we were lucky to find her through Unleashed pet adoptions.”


Owner: Jackie, Associate Marketing Manager

About Dudley: “In his four years, Dudley has been to seven states and flown on more than 30 United flights! He’s earned his ‘wings’ multiple times.”


Owner: Gabby, Social Media Manager

About B: “B was found in a box on the side of the road with his dead mom and a few living brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico. (Sadly, he does not speak Spanish.) His legs were broken as a puppy and never healed properly, so he has curved front legs. But that doesn’t stop him from running and jumping everywhere!”


Owner: Elena, International Public Relations Manager

About Cody: “Cody is a Beagle/Lhasa Apso mix. He loves adventures, belly rubs, cuddles, anything with chicken and sticking his head out the window during car rides. He doesn’t really believe in personal space, and he stands like a penguin.”


Owner: Anup, Lab Manager – Product Development

About Mason: “1. When at home, Mason loves to destroy all different types of sticking tapes and thread bobbins. 2. When he is in the backyard, he loves digging holes. My backyard is now a scene of earthquake!!!


Owner: Tessa, Digital Copywriter

About Gabby: “Gabby is an avid and indiscriminate lover of vegetables, including (to her family’s disbelief) raw kale. Her favorite things are her squeaky tennis ball and sleeping in, and her least favorite thing is taking a bath. She also has a royal doppelganger: Lupo, Kate Middleton and Prince William’s English Cocker Spaniel.”

Featured Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels