3 Animal Welfare Organizations
to Volunteer with in NYC

Yesterday, HRH The Duchess of Sussex warmed hearts around the world by paying a visit to Mayhew, a London-based animal welfare charity. This being a new year and all, we’re feeling inclined to take a page out of her book and make more regular volunteer efforts part of our 2019. In case you feel the same way, read on to learn more about three animal-focused organizations you can volunteer at in New York City. Also worth imitating—at least for expectant moms—is the £25 H&M maternity dress Meghan Markle wore for the outing. Royals: they’re occasionally like us!

ASPCA Adoption Center

Located on the Upper East Side, the New York branch of this national organization offers a variety of volunteer options. In addition to walking and interacting with dogs, those with allergies can work as a “Dog Reading Volunteer.” In this position, you can simply sit outside a dog’s kennel reading to them or playing music to help acclimate the animal to positive human presence. Volunteers need to be at least 16 years old and able to commit a minimum of eight hours per month for at least six months. Note: They’re currently undergoing a few changes in their volunteer program, so it might be a few months before you can get started!

Animal Care Centers of New York City

Location can make all the difference when it comes to making time for volunteer work. Fortunately, the ACC has one in each of the five boroughs. In addition to giving pets exercise and attention, volunteers also help with a few of the organization’s more administrative tasks: maintaining kennels, writing pet bios and attending off-site events among them. To participate, you need to be able to commit a minimum of six hours each month for at least six months.

The Sato Project

This one’s especially close to our hearts. After partnering with Chrissy Beckles as part of our Inspired by Women campaign, we fell in love with this organization and its mission to rescue the abandoned dogs of Puerto Rico. Since Hurricane Maria devastated the island last year, The Sato Project’s efforts have taken on a new urgency. They’re often in need of volunteers to help transport new arrivals from Newark or JFK to their forever homes. You can also apply to foster dogs or contribute whatever skills you possess (web development, photography, etc.).

Featured Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels