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When you think Moroccanoil, you probably think argan oil. And that’s a good thing! Argan oil is the miraculous ingredient that inspired Moroccanoil Treatment and the full line of hair and body products that came after it. But what you might not know is that as our beauty offerings grew, our ingredient roster did, too—and that, like argan oil, many of those ingredients are just as likely to be used in a recipe as they are in your favorite Body Butter. Read on to learn more about a few fan favorites.


Find It In: Everything we make!

The iconic ingredient that inspired the creation of our brand isn’t just a multipurpose beauty product. In the countries it is native to, locals eat it with bread, couscous, salad and more. One important caveat? While cosmetic-grade argan oil is produced by cold-pressing argan kernels, its culinary counterpart is made by roasting and grinding the kernels to produce a deep, nutty flavor. (In other words, don’t dress your salad with Pure Argan Oil.)


Find It In: Mending Infusion

Don’t let the Chem 101 term scare you off. “Hydrolyzed” simply means that a substance—quinoa, in this case—has undergone a chemical process designed to break it down. Therefore, this particular ingredient is not so different from the quinoa you add to your Sweetgreen bowl. It’s just disassembled into smaller components, which better enables you to benefit from its high concentration of proteins and amino acids.


Find It In: Body Buff, Body Butter, Hand Cream, Shower Milk

This natural oil pressed from the pulp of an avocado is good for your skin for the same reasons it’s good for the rest of you: it’s recognized as an excellent source of essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins and minerals. Try using it in lieu of olive oil next time you mix a homemade salad dressing.


Find It In: Curl Re-energizing Spray, Styling Gel Strong

You probably know this ultra-hydrating ingredient by its more common name, aloe vera—or the stuff you slather on after a bad sunburn. Food-grade aloe vera can be consumed alone, though fair warning: it can be a bit slimy. Instead, we recommend adding it to a smoothie for a refreshing boost.