Sarah Tripp’s
Laguna Beach Picks

There’s nothing as magical the holidays, but the upcoming months of cold weather have us craving some serious sunshine. With that in mind, we checked in with blogger Sarah Tripp to find out what beauty essentials she packs + where she eats, shops and suns during her annual trip to Laguna Beach, CA. Read on for details—then book your next sunny getaway, STAT. (And in the meantime, check out Sarah’s cool weather style essentials here.)

Lifestyle blogger Sarah Tripp in Laguna Beach, California.

Hi! My name is Sarah Tripp, and I am a fashion/lifestyle blogger over at Sassy Red Lipstick. I live and work in beautiful San Francisco, California! I first started my blog in 2013 with my then-boyfriend-now-husband, Robbie. Over the past five years, we’ve grown SRL into a successful brand and business. What started out as a blog all about the latest trends in fashion has turned into a lifestyle brand that allows me to continue to share style, but now also includes beauty, travel, relationship advice, home decor {we just started building our first home!}, and my signature message of body positivity. As a curvy blogger, I have a passion for helping girls and women all over the world find their confidence and learn to love their bodies exactly as they are.

Moroccanoil is one of my favorite beauty brands, and I recently took their products with me on a trip to sunny Laguna Beach. This is an annual vacation my family has been taking every year since my dad was little; it’s basically my second home! We stay at the Surf and Sand Resort right on the water and enjoy time with loved ones. I love lounging pool or beachside, shopping at Fashion Island in nearby Newport Beach, grabbing food at our favorite spots {Cafe Heidelberg, Splashes Restaurant, Nick’s}, and enjoying the relaxed vibes of the beach cities. There’s nothing quite like a beach vacation!

Blogger Sarah Tripp of Sassy Red Lipstick enjoys the sun in Laguna Beach, California.

Moroccanoil Treatment is a product I use every single day on my hair, wet or dry, during my family trip. It helps keep my hair moisturized, acts as a detangler, and provides a shiny finish. And of course, I couldn’t play at the beach all day without sunscreen that not only protects my skin but also hydrates it! Moroccanoil has me covered from head to toe, whether I’m at the beach or headed to dinner with my family. Be sure to follow me on IG @sassyredlipstick and my blog here for all things sassy, positive, and fun! I’m a huge believer in spreading positivity and helping others live their best lives. Scroll through to see how I use Moroccanoil products in my everyday routine! xx

Fashion blogger Sarah Tripp of Sassy Red Lipstick shares the Moroccanoil products she uses on her annual trip to Laguna Beach, California.