Our Two New Color Depositing Masks

If you’re going to make a change, there’s no time like a new year, right? With that in mind, we decided this is the perfect moment to introduce our two new Color Depositing Masks: Copper and Lilac. Like the rest of our Color Depositing Mask Collection, these non-damaging, dual-benefit masks provide temporary color with the nourishing benefits of a deep conditioning treatment. They’re formulated to fade out gradually over time, making them a perfect way to experiment with new colors (or extend/enhance your existing color). We haven’t introduced any new shades since we launched the original seven in 2019, so we’re thrilled to be able to add these two to the collection! Read on for the full scoop on the new hues.

Why Copper and Lilac?

Good question! The simple answer: because you asked for it. As you can probably imagine, we’ve gotten lots of different requests for new shades since we first launched our Color Depositing Mask Collection. Over time, it became clear that a purple hue and one that’s redhead-friendly were two of the most common! And while we’re on the subject, we should mention that we’re always taking suggestions for new shades to add to the collection. If there’s one you’d like to see, let us know in the comments!

Who can use the Copper mask?

Essentially, current and aspiring redheads. The Copper Color Depositing Mask is formulated for use on medium blonde to medium brown hair (including those whose hair is already shade of red)! Try it on medium to dark blonde hair to impart an intense copper tone, on gingery red shades to extend color between appointments, or on light to medium brown hair to add a warm tint.

Copper Color Depositing Mask before and after Moroccanoil

And what about the Lilac one?

The Lilac Color Depositing Mask, like most of the fashion shades in the collection, is formulated for use on light to medium blonde hair. It imparts a soft, pastel purple shade and is ideal for those who are interested in giving the purple hair trend a try without having to make a long-term commitment!

Lilac Color Depositing Mask before and after Moroccanoil

Why won’t they work on darker hair?

Color Depositing Masks only deposit color on the surface of the hair. They don’t do anything to change the underlying color. That means that applying certain shades to dark hair is somewhat like using a colored marker on black paper—it won’t show up unless you lighten the surface to which you’re applying the color. (P.S. Lightening dark hair is a permanent, complicated, and often damaging process—we only recommend doing so with the assistance of a professional! Color Depositing Masks, on other hand, are temporary, non-damaging, and perfectly safe to use at home.)

Can you mix colors?

Yes! For instance, you can mix one part Bordeaux and one part Copper to make a true red, one part Aquamarine and one part Hibiscus to try a magenta shade, or even pastelize fashion shades by mixing ¾ parts Weightless Hydrating Mask with one part Color Depositing Mask. We’ll be sharing some custom mixes this month on our Instagram account, so make sure to follow along there to see results.

Will my hair go back to its original color?

Yes, the Color Depositing Masks add temporary color that’s only deposited on the outermost layer of the hair. With regular washing, the color will eventually fade out over time. To hit reset and speed up the color washout process, visit a Moroccanoil salon and consult with your stylist.

What makes Color Depositing Masks good for my hair?

First of all, unlike many hair color products, they do not contain ammonia, peroxide, or bleach. They also feature a high-powered blend of nourishing ingredients, including our exclusive ArganID™ technology (which infuses argan oil deep into hair’s cortex and helps seal the cuticle and repair the hair). Other ingredients include an amino acid blend to detangle and boost shine, plus Apricot Kernel Oil to help soften hair and improve hydration with oleic acid, linoleic acid, and Vitamin E.

How do you use the new Color Depositing Masks?

Essentially, just like you would any other hair mask! Start with clean, towel-dried hair. Section it and apply a generous amount, using a wide-tooth comb to ensure even distribution. Leave on for 5–7 minutes (depending on desired intensity). Rinse thoroughly and style as usual!

Before committing to a full head of color, we recommend conducting a strand test. We also have more tips for flawless application here!

How long do they last?

It depends on several factors—including your starting shade, how often you wash your hair, and your hair’s porosity. (You can read more about porosity here. The gist of it: if you frequently heat-style or color your hair, it’s probably on the porous side.) Which mask you choose also affects longevity. For instance, Hibiscus and Aquamarine are the most vibrant colors and may last longer than other shades.

Generally speaking, people with lighter or more porous hair will experience a brighter and longer-lasting result. That means that if you have dirty blonde hair that you’ve never colored, your best friend is a platinum blonde, and you both try Hibiscus, her hair will likely be to be a lot pinker for a lot longer than yours will be.

Lilac Color Depositing Mask Moroccanoil

Will the new Color Depositing Masks stain my hands or shower?

Nope! That said, if you want to protect a fresh manicure, we recommend wearing a pair of gloves. If you notice some color lingering in your shower, it’s probably just adhering to soap residue. Your usual bath cleaning products should clear it right up!