Gift Guide:
Moroccanoil Team Edition

Need a little gift guidance? Find out what Team Moroccanoil would be most excited to find under the tree. (Perfect picks for moms, coworkers, bosses, best friends, boyfriends and everyone in between await.)

Blow Dry Concentrate | Swarovski-Adorned Moroccanoil Treatment | Curl Defining Cream

Name: Elena
Title: International Public Relations Manager
Hair Type: Curly
Favorite Product: Curl Defining Cream
Why I Love It: Moisturizes my curls and leaves them feeling soft and bouncy without a crunchy, sticky hold!

Name: Olivia
Title: Associate Marketing Manager
Hair Type: Frizzy, curly, unruly hair
Favorite Product: Blow Dry Concentrate
Why I Love It: Speeds up my blow dry time (BY A LOT!), and makes my hair so soft and shiny! Sometimes I even add a pump of Moroccanoil Treatment on the extra “humid” days.

First Name: Allison
Title: Senior PR Manager
Hair Type: Fine and curly
Favorite Product: Limited-Edition Swarovski-Adorned Moroccanoil Treatment
Why I Love It: The Moroccanoil Treatment is my go-to product no matter what I’m doing to my hair, leaving it naturally curly or blowing it out straight. I love the new 10 Year Anniversary Swarovski Bottle because it’s unique, gorgeous and adds some glam and sparkle to my morning hair routine!

Name: Kathleen
Title: HR Director
Hair Type: Curly
Favorite Product: Curl Defining Cream
Why I Love It: Brings my curls back to life after blow drying damages them.

Dry Shampoo Dark Tones | Face Lotion SPF 30 | Intense Hydrating Mask

Name: Danielle
Title: Associate Marketing Director
Hair Type: Dry, color treated
Favorite Product: Dry Shampoo Dark Tones
Why I Love It: Because I can truly get an extra day or two out of my hair. It really cleanses my hair enough that I don’t have to wash it.

Name: John
Title: Copywriter
Favorite Product: Face Lotion SPF 30
Why I Love It: It’s extremely lightweight, when you put it on your face your skin can still breathe yet immediately becomes silkier and smoother. Also it smells amazing. I use it as an SPF primer.

Name: Robert
Title: Sr. Director of Global Education
Hair Type: Fine and Thinning
Favorite Product: Texture Clay
Why I Love It: A small amount goes a long way. The Texture Clay gives the mold-ability I’m looking for when styling my hair, with flexible hold. It also adds texture to my fine, thinning hair.

First Name: Noa
Title: Digital Intern
Hair Type: Medium thick and wavy
Favorite Product: Impossible to choose!! But if I had to pick, Intense Hydrating Mask and Moroccanoil Treatment.
Why I Love Intense Hydrating Mask: I ADORE this product. I color my hair a lot (think at least 10 times a year—from blonde to brown to grey and back again), which makes it really dry. I use this mask once a week and it makes my hair feel hydrated and soft again.
Why I Love Moroccanoil Treatment: I have been using this product since it first launched in the Netherlands (where I’m from!). That’s been a really long time now, I think 8 or 9 years. Since then I have used the product almost every day to make my hair shiny, less frizzy and hydrated—and of course, it smells incredible. After all these years, it still works the best for me and I don’t think any other “oil” product can replace this one.

Moroccanoil Treatment | Dry Texture Spray | Hydrating Styling Cream

Name: Genna
Title: Loyalty & CRM Associate Manager
Hair Type: Naturally wavy
Favorite Product: Dry Texture Spray
Why I Love It: It gives me the effortless textured look that I am looking for while also giving my hair more volume. Once I finish blow drying and waving my hair I use Dry Texture Spray starting at my roots and working through my waves.

Name: Sheena
Title: Office Manager
Hair Type: Fine, long brown hair that doesn’t listen
Favorite Product: Hydrating Styling Cream
Why I Love It: It helps keep my curls defined!

Name: Nathalie
Title: Education Coordinator
Hair Type: Fine
Favorite Product: Can’t pick just one: Hydrating Styling Cream, Dry Texture Spray, Dry Shampoo, and Moroccanoil Treatment.
Why I Love Hydrating Styling Cream: I like to let my hair air dry as much as possible to reduce heat damage, but the problem with this is that I end up with extremely frizzy hair. By applying the Hydrating Styling Cream and then letting it air dry, my hair dries nicely without frizz and takes the form of how I style it.
Why I Love Dry Texture Spray: Holy Grail for any girl with fine hair trying to add grit or hold a curl for longer than 2 hours without the need of hairspray. It doesn’t make your hair feel stiff or crunchy.
Why I Love Dry Shampoo: The best on those days when you’re lazy too to wash your hair. It soaks up all the oils and makes your hair smell amazing. No one will know you didn’t wash your hair that day, plus I find it adds some volume.
Why I Love Moroccanoil Treatment: My savior. For anyone with processed hair or dry ends, this is a must. It makes your hair look and feel softer with consistent use.