How to: A Tousled Ponytail Just Right for

It’s that time again: January has finally come to an end, and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you’ve got a candlelit dinner for two or a girls night for the books on the agenda, the situation calls for a truly great hair day. With that in mind, we reached out to Hairstylist and Moroccanoil Brand Ambassador Emma Campolieti to create this high-impact, low-fuss ponytail. Pair with your favorite sweet treat and a memorable night. You deserve it.

As with any hairstyle, building the right foundation is crucial. “The prep portion of this look is essential,” says Emma. “Choosing the right products and the right tools will definitely help you succeed and make the work so much easier.”

A high-volume ponytail created by Moroccanoil Brand Ambassador Emma Campolieti


Prep damp hair with Moroccanoil Treatment Light.

Apply Perfect Defense to protect hair from heat, then use Volumizing Mousse to build up volume. Blow dry.

Use a curling iron to create curls. Pro Tip: Emma recommends using two curling irons of different sizes to build natural-looking volume and texture. For this look, she used one with a 1-inch barrel and one with a 1¼-barrel.

After curling each strand, pin it in place using a crease-free styling clip. This helps maintain the curl’s shape and volume. Keep the clips in until hair has cooled.

Release curls, then apply Dry Texture Spray. Brush out all curls with a boar bristle brush.


To keep the overall vibe feminine and effortless, isolate and set aside a strand of hair at the front. Don’t pull all the hair back.

Backcomb the hair in the crown area (or wherever you want to build the most volume). Then, brush the hair back to the point of the head where you want your ponytail to rest.

Secure with a bungee elastic, then wrap hair around the elastic to cover it.

Spray hair with Luminous Hairspray Strong to finish. For additional volume, fluff out the ponytail with your hands.