Be Your Own Valentine: Book a
Spa Day

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is a bit of a contentious holiday. Even among the happily coupled, you’re as likely to find someone who turns their nose up at the concept as you are to hear someone gushing about it.

But regardless of how we feel about Hallmark cards, obligatory candlelit dinners and chocolate assortment boxes, we can all agree: no matter the date, you deserve some self-love. With that in mind, we turned to Andrea Argy, Spa Manager at the beautiful Kohler Waters Spa at Burr Ridge, to get an inside look at treating yourself, spa-style.  

Spa Day at Kohler Waters Spa at Burr Ridge
Kohler Waters Spa

In your opinion, what would the perfect spa day look like?

Setting the tone for the perfect spa day makes the experience even more fulfilling.  Taking time to meditate, reflect on gratitude and set daily intentions to manifest—this lays the groundwork to be mindful for the day.  When you arrive—be present—turn your cell phone off!  This is time for you—so disconnect.  Arrive early to enjoy the amenities and begin to disconnect from the daily duties for a little while.  I like to sauna or steam to help loosen up the body first.  Hydrotherapy amenities are special when offered.  Consulting with my therapist or technician, I make sure to share what I’m specifically looking for from my service.  Finished with herbal tea and time in the relaxation lounge.  Perfect spa day!

If you’re only going to get one spa service, how do you decide which one is right for you?

There are multiple categories of service which truly vary based on someone’s in their life.  Massage, facials, body services, nails…all popular services…however if you’re deciding based on something unique, I like to try specialty services to experience something new.  At Kohler Waters Spa we specialize in Hydrotherapy services, with a KOHLER Custom Vichy shower service. The benefits of hydrotherapy are endless and include reducing muscle tension and pain, boosting the immune system and encouraging detoxification. It offers a truly different experience that incorporates experiences such as hair washing, body scrub and rich moisturizing application, while feeling different shower heads massage your body. 

What’s the best service for someone who’s never been to a spa before?

A massage or facial is a great introduction to spa services. Massage aides in relaxation as well as relief of physical strain and pains, stretching and sleep…depending on the focus. Facials also get your skin care progress underway to seeing glowing results while feeling pampered. At Kohler Waters Spa we offer the “Uniquely Yours Massage” or “Uniquely Yours Facial”. Both enable a guest to share their specific concerns, and the technician will tailor the service with special techniques that can be used to receive results customized to your unique needs.

What do you wish more people knew about spas? 

That spas are an integral part of wellness! People are aware that wellness is a priority, and activities and practices that feed the mind, body and spirit are essential to overall health. Spas provide professional services to heal the body, re-energize the skin and focus on self. There are so many varieties of spa now—from day spas and boutique spas, to specialized types that focus on meditation or bath, to airport spas and destination spas—all these models fit different needs for our customized wellness needs!

What are your favorite Moroccanoil products for re-creating an at-home spa experience?

In the winter especially—before bed I love to use the Moroccanoil Body Buff after a shower a bath.  It helps slough off the dryness and brings a glow to my skin.  Following that I apply the Moroccanoil Night Body Serum.  The serum protects and improves skin to appear smoother and nourished—plus the Fragrance Originale signature scent always smells so nice before bed!

Do you have a bucket list spa in another country? If so, which one?

I’m interested in trying new and unique concepts and services and destination spas especially! From cupping, acupuncture, and Thai massage, to Gua Sha facials, and other new skin care, I love to explore spas when I travel. Destination spas in Mexico, Switzerland and Germany are on my radar, but there are so many in the US I still want to hit. 

Featured Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash