An Expert Scoop on Your
Favorite Styling Products

It’s no secret that Hydrating Styling Cream, Smoothing Lotion and Curl Defining Cream are among our most-raved about products. But it’s not just customers who love them—stylists can’t get enough, either. And since they’re the experts, we thought they might have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to taking these products to the next level. We talked to Moroccanoil Artistic Team Member Kelli Fahey to find out why she loves these superstar styling products—and how she uses them to bring out the very best in both her clients’ hair and her own.

“First, Hydrating Styling Cream is my biggest seller. My clients don’t spend as much time on their own blowouts as I do when I style their hair, so they usually don’t close the cuticle in an ideal way. This can cause hair to end up frizzing. I teach them to use the Hydrating Styling Cream before and after they blow dry, and they fall in love with the results.

Smoothing Lotion is my go-to when I want my hair to air dry and look like second-day waves, but on the first day. My waves end up polished and shiny all over. I like to pair it with Thickening Lotion for some hold. 

I also use Smoothing Lotion or Hydrating Styling Cream when I do braids or updos to polish the strands to make the end result look neater. 

Curl Defining Cream is a great product to use when you want to pick curls up a bit—and it’s light, so they are still soft. I mix it with Blow-Dry Concentrate for a balanced application, and hair looks amazing. 

It’s an unconventional method, but I have even used Curl Defining Cream before blow-drying to create a smoother look. It has the ingredients and moisture that curls need. And if you leave the style in, your blowout ends up with different levels of wave each day—it’s just breathtaking.”

— as told to Moroccanoil