3 Ways to Make Fine Hair Look Thicker

If you have flat, limp, thin or fine hair and you’re like most people, you’ve probably tried more than a few volume-boosting products. Mousse, salt sprays, dry shampoos, aerosols, pastes, gels: the list goes on, yet true solutions can feel few and far between. The problem, though, isn’t necessarily that these volumizing products don’t work. It’s that they’re not working for you. Fortunately, that’s where we come in.

Finding the right body-building solution requires taking into account several factors, including your hair type, history and preferred styling routine. Your hairstylist is the best person to ask, because they know the most about what makes your hair tick. But in case you don’t have a salon visit on the calendar anytime soon, we talked to David Shablesky, Senior Education Development Manager at Moroccanoil, to break down three of our top volumizing products. Read on to find out which one can do the most for your fine hair.


…you find your hair is flat at the scalp. Think hat hair, without the hat. Root Boost is a volume-boosting spray that fortifies and thickens fine hair at (you guessed it!) the root. It’s also perfect for pairing with other products for the ultimate full-bodied look. Try applying Root Boost near the scalp and Volumizing Mousse from mid-lengths to ends for all-over fullness.


…your hair doesn’t have lasting body. Love your look immediately after styling, but find yourself with limp, lackluster strands just a few hours later? Volumizing Mousse could be your solution. It builds lasting volume and adds height to fine hair. It’s also virtually weightless and won’t leave a sticky residue—just lush styles with natural lift and movement.


…your hair lacks density. Thickening Lotion instantly expands each strand from root to tip. Fine hair will look and feel thicker, creating a full foundation for your style. The argan oil-infused formula leaves hair touchable and shiny without any stickiness—and it’s also packed with quinoa proteins to help strengthen damage-prone hair.

One last time for people in the back? “Root Boost is applied at the root area to to amplify volume at the base of the hair shaft. Applied from roots through ends, Volumizing Mousse builds the hair up, and Thickening Lotion builds the hair out,” says David. Also, “all of these products could be used together.” So if you really want to turn the volume on high, you’ve got the official go-ahead.

P.S. Don’t stop with the styling products! To get the most out of fine hair, use Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner before styling. The shampoo’s gentle cleansing formula won’t stress delicate strands, and the conditioner nourishes without weighing hair down. We also recommend blow-drying with a round brush to amplify volume and movement. Just make sure to use a heat protectant, as fine hair is especially prone to breakage.

Featured Photo by Maxx Miller on Unsplash